Sunday, October 19, 2014

Still Summer in Florida OOTD

I don't know about everywhere else but it seems to be the perfect weather here in Florida and I am loving it! Not too hot but just the right wind and chill. This past week it's been in the 60s, 70s and sometimes low 80s, yes! Yesterday, I had spent the day with my fiancé's family and it was a beautiful day. I decided to wear this floral print jumper I thrifted a couple months back. It's so comfy but yet very easy to dress up. I paired it with coral heels I bought from Kohl's (brought a pair of nude sandals too) and this little black clutch! (Don't mind my facial expression lol)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Camo, Blush Pink & Flash Tats Outfit Details

TGIF y'all! This look was very simple to put together but I was still able to add in different textures! I was on my way to lunch and movie with my fiancé. We saw Equalizer with Denzel Washington and it was very good! He was overdue for a movie like that! Anyway, here are the deets! Xoxo

Black aviators 
Gold flash tattoos: eBay!
Top: Forever 21 (it's actually a size Large for the oversized look) 
Fatigue skinny jeans-Else brand from Macy's
Black studded ankle strap heels: Charlotte Russe

Monday, September 29, 2014

NaShara Is Getting Married: Bridesmaid Planners!! Easy and Glam DIY!

Hi guys!!! Bride duties have definitely been calling since my mom and I are "wedding planning" everything! (Which I have been loving. Another post on that will be in the future) I wanted to do a quick post on this super glam and easy Bridesmaid Planner I custom made to "propose" to bridesmaid with! I wanted to gift them something where it would have the information they needed but something different and fun!! They have all loved them as soon as they received them so I think that means I did good lol!. (Their actual gifts will be coming later down the line) ;) It was fairly simple and I think the longest part of any project is the brainstorming. What took me the longest was to figure out what design I wanted to do, what to put in it and supplies needed. Any thing I do, I try to make it as budget-friendly as possible. A great way to keep money in the bank :)
My sissy's planner as an example :)
At first, I did browse the internet to see how much one of these bad boys would cost ME to have one for myself as a Bride planning her wedding but also have everything I needed. Well, the cheapest I've seen was about $80 on Etsy and it had all this additional information I didn't want!  Mind you, I have 8 bridesmaids as well! I kept browsing but had no luck. My DIY lightbulb came on and I decided I was going to tackle this myself! I then thought, this would be pretty neat to also make one for my bridesmaid! So I also searched 'DIY Bridesmaid Planners' and there was plenty of information online. Of course.
My main tools were: 
  • Microsoft Word (the crazy thing is the entire planner was made from scratch via Word. Everyone thought I used Photoshop. Nope! I would also recommend Microsoft Publisher)
  • Card stock paper of your choice: I personally prefer white since everything shows up better. Purchase this from any office supply store. I bought mine from Walmart. 
  • Ink: To have as back-up. Nothing is worse than running out mid print.
  • Paper file holder: (I think that's what they are called. You slide your papers in and they hold it together. The white thing in the upper left hand corner. Very sturdy) Purchased from Walmart.
  • Mini notebooks and pens: To add an extra touch, I gave one to each of my bridesmaids just so they could have a place to jot things down!
The inside pages consisted of: Table of Contents, Bride's Promise, Bridesmaid Role,  Contact Information and Bridal Party, Monthly Calendar, Yearly Calendar, Information on Dress/Attire/Accessories. You can also add hair and makeup and anything else; that's the beauty of being able to DIY it and make it exactly what you want. (I will try to update this post with an example of the actual pages)

Hope this helped!!!

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Flash Tattoos Alert

Hello loves! I wanted to do a quick post on a trend that I think will be around for a long time. I don't know if anyone remembers when we used to put fake tattoos on our body when we were younger of our favorite characters, shapes, symbols, etc.  Flash Tattoos are basically the same concept of what we put on ourselves as kids...but they look like GOLD OR SILVER JEWELRY and muchhhh cuter! LOL! I have seen these for a while but to be honest, I had no idea what they were called so I could never find them. I remember seeing them on Beyonce a few years ago at her concerts and loved them. Lately, Beyonce is usually covered with them nowadays, Carli Bybel has worn them (one of my favorite YouTubers) and pretty much all over Instagram. The prices do range but it depends on where you are looking. I personally ordered my first sheet from eBay for about $7-10, Amazon carries them, of course you can Google and find them all over, and Instagram. It varies according to what you are looking for and they can be necklaces, bracelets, or accents all over your body.
Black and white Damask dress-Marshall's
I had my engagement shoot this past weekend and I wanted to wear flash tattoos to make it very easy between outfit changes. Having something that won't be a hassle to take off but will match all of your outfits is clutch. I kid you not, I forgot I was wearing them since you can't feel it and they don't get caught on anything or make noise. (Part of the reason I usually don't like wearing bracelets all the time. Lol) I loved how they turned out in the pictures so far and have received so many compliments! I have included links to a few places where you can order them! (Please follow the instructions for whatever brand you use and make sure you test a spot to make sure you don't have a skin allergy)
Links to Shop
Etsy - BellaBlu Jewels
Ebay - Metallic Temp Tatts
Ebay - 2 Pk Metallic Temp Tatts
Amazon - Flash Tattoos
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ripped Jeans: Saturday Staple. OOTD Details!

Happy Saturday loves! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! Today, I was out and about and decided to do a quick post. I put together a simple look revolving around these ripped jeans in my closet. Destroyed denim is definitely a staple for me since they're classic and can easily play up your look. (They also make great DIYs). I paired it with this white and black plaid blouse and favorite red handbag! Details below! 

Blouse: bebe
Ripped denim jeans (they are longer so I cuffed them): bebe
Red handbag: Thrifted-White House Black Market
Black Sandals: Tory Burch (Miller's)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stripes and Florals OOTD? Of course.

Go bold or go home! Yesterday's hump day outfit consisted of this daring ensemble. I went wedding venue hunting with my mama and wanted to spice things up! :) Idk if it was the outfit or what but I think it rubbed off since we had a very successful day! Fun day, fun outfit! Here are the details! 

- Black and white striped blazer with black lapel: bebe
- Black lace top: thrifted 
- Floral skirt: Forever 21
- Pink color block wedges: Baker's (these were a gift) 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Floral Action: Quick OOTD Details

So you guys... This post is kind of late! My apologies! lol :( Just wanted to do a quick outfit of the day details posts! I went out for my cousin's birthday dinner and decided to get a little dressed up! 

Floral chiffon button down blouse: Thrifted
Coral Jeggings: Macy's (Old as in had for a while but never worn. Oops lol)
Buckle Heels: Lolashoetique
Cross body studded clutch: Charming Charlie's 
Chain shades: Body Central

Easy, simple, stylish! Xo! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 16th, 2014: I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!

Helllloooooo loves!!! It's been a week or so since I last posted but I wanted to let you know that I'M ENGAGED!!!! It has definitely been a whirlwind and a complete surprise from my love!!!! I think that's what made it even 100000x better since it was not expected at all :D Bravo, baby! He worked with my mom and sister to make sure the day went off without a hitch and it certainly did! I will be updating this post with the full story in the next couple of days, bride duties are calling! I just wanted to let you guys know!!! :)

The BEAUTY!!!!!!!!

My outfit of the day & night!!!!!!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monochrome Love: Stripes & A Little Bit of Red

Hi loves, this outfit consisted of this black and white striped top from Forever 21 (bought it awhile back and never wore it) and these chiffon wide leg pants that were less than $1 from the thrift store. (Yes....I said $1!) I had gone to this gourmet burger place and it was delish. I wanted to wear something stylish, yet comfy since I was going to eat a lot lol. The belt is probably one of my favorites since it had gold detailing with 2 tassels. Love! And that was a $1! The red pop of color is a White House Black Market handbag that was just shy of $4! The shades have the thick chain on the side and my sandals are from Tory Burch. I love mixing high and low for a very versatile look! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Thrift Finds: Goodwill's 50% Off Haul!!!

Happy Saturday!! I know it's been awhile since I've been posting but I at least wanted to give you guys some thrift haul goodness. Especially, since it was Goodwill's 50% Off Day in Southwest Florida. I'm like a kid in a candy store, since most of their items are already inexpensive and then half off of that?! (*does dougie*). I will try and keep this post short since it will be picture heavy! The funny thing is I didn't even take pictures of everything, just highlights! O_o  Some of the brands featured are from American Eagle, Bebe, Levi, Vince Camuto, Macy's, Ann Taylor and French Connection. Can you say 'Oh Happy Day'?! If you haven't started thrifted or want to, I will be doing an advice/tips/tricks post in the very near future to help! Enjoy!!!!

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